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Construction Services

  • Project management, site supervision, manpower and equipment allocation, schedule management and timekeeping, materials control and warehousing, waste management, safety and cleanliness management, project documentation and quality control
  • Liaison with subdivision management, engineering and security offices
  • Construction bonds with subdivision where site is located
  • Site preparation: surveying, earth moving, clearing, filling, grading, staking and layout
  • Erecting of temporary facilities: temporary quarters, toilets, fencing, water supply and electrical connections
  • Pest control
  • Transport services
  • Building construction
  • Site cleanup


  • Drafting of as-built plans and processing of occupancy permits
  • Assistance with application for permanent electrical connection with local provider (e.g. PECO)
  • Assistance with application for permanent water connection (e.g. MIWD)
  • Assistance with claiming back of construction bonds


The following services may be availed by the client outside of the house contract:

  • Backfilling
  • Construction of perimeter fence and gates
  • Construction of water tower
  • Deep well drilling and installation of pressure pumps, pump house, pressure tanks, filters, overhead tanks, water heaters, etc.
  • Landscaping
  • Installation of curtains, shades and blinds
  • Installation of air conditioning
  • Installation of window grills and screens
  • Installation of security systems (e.g. security cameras, alarms)
  • Installation of intercoms
  • Installation of special lighting (e.g. chandeliers)
  • Upgrading of material finishes