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Design consultation, site analysis, design conceptualization, architectural planning, 3d visualization, design development and drafting, preparation of estimates, bill of materials and material specifications, certification of architectural plans.


Design and supervision is a more conventional client-architect arrangement whereby the architect charges a certain percentage against the total cost of labor and materials incurred during construction. Because all fee payments are based on cost, this arrangement may require the client’s direct and diligent involvement in the financial aspect of the project as he has overall control of the budget.

Most often clients or their representatives who aren’t accustomed to such complicated work complain that the rigors of day-to-day construction are too stressful for them to handle and may be unable to sustain the role, an unnecessary complication that many architects are wary of but often fail to anticipate. We recommend design and supervision only for restorations, rectifications, additions, interior renovations that require a lot of demolition, and small projects.