JCTDB Company Outing 2016

Every year, we make it a point to take a respite from work and spend some time with JCTDB Staff and their families for some R&R. This year, our venue was at Brgy. Cabas-an San Enrique, Iloilo.

Cabas-an Cold Springs

As most company outings went, we binged, we played, we had activities.




This time, however, we decided to give it a little twist. Instead of the usual outing games, we had the “Shower Stall Making Contest”. The staff were divided into 4 groups and the goal was to build 4 shower stalls measuring 1.2mx1.2 meters complete with tiles, shower holders, the works. Prior to actual implementation, they were asked questions on the number of deformed bars to be used, sand, cement, gravel, tile quantity, etc. Judging is based on speed, cost efficiency and design.


It was a total riot. Proud to see them working hand in hand and giving their best to accomplish the task. Four Shower stalls done in 90 minutes! Teamwork rocks!

The Final Selfie

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